Routefestival in english; the objective of this event is to offer climbers an easy to approach climbing event where you can meet other climbers and put your climbing skills to the test with new routes. You can come participate in the small competition or just hang around and cheers for others. Reittifestarit is held in 24/7 boulder and we’ll make new routes for 2-3 sectors for you to try. The routes will range between green and black card so there’s something for pretty much everyone. There will also be separate challenges to test your skills with bu yourself or with your friends!

To participate you just need to sign in with your door link, beep your card at the front desk or pay the regular entrance fee (+rental shoes, if needed). We will give out small prizes among the participants for things like coolest beta for a route, the best supporter and the most awesome summer climbing style. Since it’s summer we’re also offering a free ice cream buffet at ~19.00 for the participants (as long as there’s ice cream left). We’ve also got Olvi and their Teho sports drink to fuel your climbs. Music will be handled by local Dj´s whom some of you might even recognize from the climbing walls and outdoors.

For this event we’ll take down 6., 7. and  1. sector on Friday 12.7. starting at around 19.00. New routes will be made for the event on 13.7. Sat between 8-16.

Where: Oulu Climbing center 24/7 Boulder
When: Saturday 13.7. starting at 17.00 (the event doesn’t effect the normal use of the hall)
Entrance: Membership/monthly card/10x card sign in or a single entrance payment (+rental shoes if you need them)