Basic course

Basic course is also known as top rope course. On this course you will learn how to safely climb and belay your partner on indoor walls. You don’t need to have any prior experience in climbing to join this course. We do however recommend you try climbing a couple times before participating (eg. climbing on autobelay walls). Guides are authorised by Finnish climbing association (SKIL).

Course content:
Introductory to climbing
Equipment and knots
Safe conduct and communication on indoor walls
How to attach yourself to the rope
How to belay a climber on top rope

Price: 115 € (students 95 €)
Duration: 3-4 hours
Age limit: min 16 years
Includes a one month climbing card and a top rope belay card once you’ve passed the test.
You can use our rental harness and shoes during the course.

We add 1-2 basic courses to calendar monthly. We will also add new courses if there’s a demand for it or you have a group of 4 people. You can also suggest new course dates and we will try to arrange courses according to wishes. Courses are mainly held in Finnish so please contact us before joining a course so we can make sure it’s possible in English as well.

You can join a course by paying it on our web page or by contacting us. If you want to pay the course with a gift card, company benefits (smartum/epassi or such) or at student price you can do so at our front desk.

Try to come 10-15 min before the course starts so you will have enough time to sign in and change clothes.