Meeting room area

Meeting room area has 4 tables where you can comfortably seat around 24 people. But there are seats for up to 30 people. Maximum capacity for the whole floor is around 40 people. There is a 65” tv screen that you can use for either holding a presentation or to watch a game with your friends. The tv has a soundbar attached for music and other audio needs. The tables can be moved around or set aside as you want. Just let us know and we’ll set it as you wish. 

Sauna and roof terrace

The Sauna has room for 15 people and there are four showers that have their own soap dispensers. The sauna dressing room has seat covers and coat hangers. There is also a separate toilet for the sauna area. When in the sauna you can cool yourself off on the roof terrace and relax in the hot tub. The terrace has chairs and tables that can seat 15 people so on a nice day you can hold your event completely outside. 


Meeting room area also has a kitchen which is equipped so that you can prepare your own food. There is dining equipment for up to 30 people available. You can also order food for your event through us or arrange it yourself. In the kitchen there are two coffee makers and when asked we can provide a thermos. We don’t serve or sell alcoholic drinks so you can arrange these yourself if needed.

Mon – Fri klo 8.00 – 15.00  200 €
Sat – Sun klo 10.00 – 15.00 200 €

Also possible to rent the floor for shorter periods during mornings.
First hour 100 € and additional hours + 25 €/h

17.00-00.00 (2am for and additional fee)
Sun – Thu 250 €
Fri – Sat 350 €

Additional hours to the start of evening reservation, 25 €/h
Additional hours to the end of evening until 2am, 50 €

Whole day 8.00 – 00.00 starting 450 €

Chirstmas season 1.11-31.12.
Evenings start at 400 €

Depending on the date and time of your event, the reservation times can be adjusted to your needs. Just contact us and we’ll check the situation.

  • Use of roof top hot tub 150 €
  • Guided climbing for 90 min with sauna floor reservation on weekday mornings is 25 €/person and in the evenings 30 €/ person. Minimum fee is for 4 people. More info on guided climbing.
  • During morning reservations we also offer a shorter 60 min guided session which is 20 €/person. Minimum fee is for 4 people.
  • Use of gas grill 25 € (May-October)
  • Towels 4 €/each (ruined towels have an additional fee of 20 €)

We also collaborate with our neighbor Reenis if you wish to do more activities after climbing or just prefer to keep your feet closer to ground. They offer all kinds of exercise sessions with different games and challenges. Like with climbing the activities can be adapted to suit the participants level. You can also reserve a yoga space with or without a guide through them. More info on Reenis’s services from here.

Conference room is equipped with:

  • 65″ inch tv
  • Audio equipment
  • Hdmi-Cable & Apple-adapter
  • Aux-cable
  • Extension cable
  • Flip chart (when requested)
  • Wifi-connection
  • Table-ware for 30 people (e.g. plates, dessert plates , glasses, wine glasses, coffee cups, cutlery)
  • Fridge & freezer
  • Stove & oven
  • 2 x oven tray
  • Glass baking dish
  • Frying pan & pots
  • Knives, spatulas, scoops etc.
  • Oven mitts
  • Microwave Oven
  • Dishwasher
  • 2x Coffee maker
  • Water boiler
  • Salad bowls and servers

You can find a menu to suit almost all your needs for your event from our list. If you don’t find a menu that pleases you, just contact us and we’ll see if we can arrange something outside of the normal menu options. In these cases it’s good to contact us at least 2 weeks before the event!

Menu options (in finnish)

Food orders should be made at least 1 week before the event date. Minimum order amount per menu is 10 portions. When ordering, let us know which menu you want, for how many, what time do you wish to eat and possible food allergies.

Cleaning is included in the price when the sauna- and meeting floor is left in an okay condition.

Make sure to:

  • Collect trash in to trash bins
  • Put used dishes to dishwasher and when it’s full gather them on the kitchen table. Don’t put the dishwasher on.
  • Gather bottles and cans to their bin, don’t leave them lying around.
  • Set the furniture to their original spots if you’ve moved them during your visit.

If the above mentioned things aren’t done, you may be charged an extra fee for cleaning. Extra cleaning fee starts from 50 €.

Cancelling your reservation is free of charge when it’s done at least 2 weeks before the reserved date. We will charge a 50 % reservation fee of the venue price if the cancellation is made less than 2 weeks from the reserved date.

The same terms apply to reservations made through saunaonline. If you choose invoicing as payment method the reservation will be accepted after we’ve checked the information.

Ask for an offer!

Just contact us if you want to make reservation or if you have any questions regarding the Sauna- and meeting floor.