Guided climbing session 90 min

In our guided climbing session you will get to try indoor climbing on boulder, autobelay and rope walls. Our guide will help you with finding suitable place to climb, give tips for technique and belay you on top rope. Reserve a guided climbing session as the action part of your day or to balance a day spent sitting in a meeting. You can reserve this for a large group eg. company activity day or for yourself and a friend.

Starting from 1.5.2023
Price 350 €/10 people
Additional participants 30 €/person


Starting from 1.5.2023
Price 90 €/2 people
Additional participants 35 €/person


  • Rental shoes and harness
  • Guide for the whole duration
  • Access to 16m rope walls
  • Water bottle from our café

Just bring clothes suited for sports with you.

Contact us

If you have questions or want to make a reservations, just contact us.