Climbing walls

Oulu Climbing Center is located in an old factory area designed by Alvar Aalto in 1930. Our main hall is built inside an old power factory. In this building you will find the rope hall (up to 16 m high), old boulder and autobelay walls. In addition to climbing walls you will have access to dressing rooms with showers, warm up space and various training setups. By the entrance we have a café and climbing equipment shop. Our new bouldering hall is straight across the street in an old industrial warehouse. Entry fees and serial cards are paid to our main hall.


Rope hall

Our rope walls are 16 meters high and we usually have about 50 routes to climb. Half of these are accessible by top rope and the rest are for lead climbing. Our competition wall is 25 degrees overhanging on the steepest part.

Rope walls are available to you after you have a the Finnish national belay card. You can either take the test when you come climb or participate in one of our rope climbing courses. Belay card must be visible on your harness at all times when in rope hall. Beginners and first time climbers can try rope climbing in a guided session where the guide belays you on top rope.

Old boulder

Old boulder hall is directed more towards easier routes. The floor is covered with half a meter of mattres to soften falls. The walls surrounding the hall are 4,5 meters high and the mushroom shape in the middle is 4 meters high. The profiles differ from an easy slab to 45 degree overhang and different shaped bulges.

Downstairs we have a small warmup room and at the top of boulder we have a campus board, finger boards, pull up bars and gymnastic rings to supplement your training.


Autobelay wall

We have 13 autobelay lines. The lines are between 9-12m high. These walls are available to all. First time climbers will receive help with putting on harness and safety guidance from the staff. There’s something to climb for all level of climbers. You can come with your kid for the first time or train endurance for the coming outdoor season. Weight limit for autobelay: min 10 kg, max 125 kg.

Since 2020 we’ve used TRUBLUE autobelay devices.

OKK Boulder

OKK Boulder known also as new bouldering hall is located straight across the street from our main halls entrance. There’s about 500 square meters of wall to climb and a versatile campus board with finger boards. In addition to the main walls we have moon board on 25 and 40 degree angles, a spray wall and a warm up space. Yearly members have a 24/7 access to this hall.

Dressing rooms and showers are located in the second floor.