Climbing coaching

OKK offers personalized climbing training to climbers of all levels – regardless if it’s for bouldering or sport climbing. Whether your goal is getting your first red card route, learning new skills and refining your technique or just getting better at climbing bit by bit, we can help and support you with your training.

To whom?

Anyone can apply for coaching regardless of your starting level or goals. Climbing is primarily a technical sport, which is also affected by strength and endurance characteristics as well as the factors of the mental side. This palette is individual to every climber and it’s development goes best with a trainer beside you, charting your status and development targets.


You can choose from the training packages below, or we can tailor a plan just for you. Coaching for small groups (2-3 persons) is also a possibility.

The starting points for coaching are the trainee’s own goals. The training plan is personalized to suit your needs, hopes and possibilities. Trainee’s situation is taken in consideration so that the climbing exercises fit into each persons every day life and life situation supporting comprehensive well-being.

Contact us and we can make you the best suited training program and schedule!

Contacts via e-mail: kvm.virta (at)

By who?

Our trainer at OKK is Veera Virta. Veera got hooked on climbing ten years ago. Primarily Veera thinks of herself as a sport climber who thrives on the rope cliffs of Finland, Norway and southern Europe. Her trad meters have also added up and boulders have been scoured. While working on her own climbing she has caught on new learning and competence in the practice of climbing and she develops her own skills regarding practicing and coaching climbing all the time. Veera has a Health Coach -education and her training takes into account for an individuals well-being on the whole.

Training packages

Coaching session
Does your progress feel stale, need tips for a specific technique or just someone to point out where you can improve? With a single time coaching session you will get the watchful eye and experience of our coach for 1,5 hours. In addition to advices you can also get your climbing video analyzed to help pin point what you can work on.

Price 75 € (OKK memberes 67 €) vat included
Extra meeting to your coaching set 55 €/session

Training program
Don’t know what to do or how to spend your time climbing to keep improving? A training program will help you keep your progress steady and and make the most of your time to reach your goals.

Price 110€ (OKK yearly members 100€) includes VAT.

Coaching set 1: Training plan with coaching sessions (4-8 wk)
Do you need for example targeted training before a climbing trip, help with your project or a kickstart to a climbing hobby? With this package you will define your goals and take steps towards achieving them.

Price 330€ (OKK yearly members 300€) includes VAT.

Coaching set 2: Long term training plan with coaching sessions and support (3-6 months)
Do you want to improve as a climber more widely and long term? With a longer training program you will learn consistent training and improve your features as a climber more versatile.

Price 475€ (OKK yearly members 430€) includes VAT.