Yes! For you we have climbing tryout which is a good way to start. We will go through the basics and safety rules regarding climbing. You don’t need any experience, own equipment or booking.

Shoes and harness are included in the tryout.

You don’t have to book a time for climbing and you can come whenever you want during opening hours.

You can come alone or with few people (max 6). For larger groups we offer guided climbing.

Every climber and adults supervising kids under 14 years must read and accept our terms of use.  You can read and accept them beforehand here!



There is no time limit! You should reserve couple of hours for climbing so you have time to squeeze every bit of strength on the walls.

  1. At boulder area –  We have two boulder halls. Bouldering means climbing on walls that are under 5 meters high.  The floor is covered with a 0,5 meter thick mattress to soften falls.
  2. At autobelay wall (height 12-16 m). Weight limit there is 10 – 125 kg.

Price includes: shoes, harness and guidance to climbing.

  • Adults 19 €
  • Under 18 years 16 €
  • Under 14 years 14 € (under adult supervision)

For groups of max 6 people.

Yes everyone can come and try! Under 14 years old can climb under adult supervision. The adult is responsible for the kids safety and making sure the rules are followed.

Own clothes for inside sports and socks for rental shoes. Take off your rings and other jewelry before climbing. You can leave your valuables to lockers. There are open lockers right next to climbing areas. You can either take your own lock or rent one from us for 1 €.

You can go to rope walls if you have a belay card, book guided climbing or after joining our basic course (top rope).

At basic course you learn how to belay with top rope. After passing the belay test you can also belay people without belay card.

Cash, Credit/Debit-cards, Visa-electron.

You can also pay your own climbing with sport benefits such as Smartum, ePassi, Edenred, Tyky and Virike.


Ask away and we’ll answer you as best as we can!