Bouldering course 25.4.


During the bouldering course you will learn climbing technique for all kinds of terrains and get familiar with the different terms in climbing. The course is held in 3 parts and each lasts about 2 hours.


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Learn climbing technique for different situations! You’ll get most out of this course if you’ve tried climbing a few times or are trying to climb your first red card routes (6C-7A).

Duration: 3 x ~2h guided meetings
Age limit 14 years
Includes the use of rental shoes if needed

The first guided session will be held on 25.4., the second on 30.4. & the last on 16.4. The course sessions will start at 17.00. Some of the meetings might stretch a bit longer and some might end a bit earlier. The sign ups for bouldering course will end 3 days before the first meeting. Course will be held if there’s a minimum of 2 participants (max 4).

You can find more info on the course from here. If the course dates aren’t good for your timetable, you can suggest dates that suit you. We’ll try to set the courses according to wishes.

Try to arrive ~10 min before the course starts so you’ll have time to sign up at the front desk and change clothes if needed.