Oulu Youth Open competition

Oulun Kiipeilyseura and Oulun Kiipeilykeskus are organizing the Youth Open Boulder competition for youths on Sunday, November 20, 2022.

Series: Girls and boys

Block 1. climbs at ~10.00
-minikids (born in 2013 and later)
-Youth D (2011-2012)

Block 2. climbs at ~12.30
-Youth C (2009-2010)
-Youth B (2007-2008)
-Youth A (05-06)

Description of the competition: Competitors are divided into 2 blocks and both blocks have their own routes. There are 10-15 routes per block. The winner is the one who climbs the most routes with the least number of attempts. The best girl and boy in each age group will be awarded.
Climbing time per block: 2h
Competition fee 10 €/person – payment to the main hall at the desk on the morning of the competition
Registration via the e-mail: info (at) oulunkiipeilykeskus.com

When you register by e-mail, please state the name, age, category of youth who is competing and the name of the climbing club if he is a member.

Preliminary schedule:
The hall and registration opens at 9:00 (main hall front desk)
Registration for block 1, closes  at 9:40 (for block 2. at 12.10)
Competition info 9.45 (new boulder, across the street)
The competition start around 10:00 a.m. (1st block)
First block climbing time ends 12.00
First block award ceremony ~12.15, or as soon as the results are ready (Main hall)

Second block competition info 12.15
Second block competition starts 12.30
Second block competition time ends 14.30
Award ceremony ~14.45 or as soon as the results are ready

A maximum of 80 participants are accepted for the competition.  We will update this page with more information as the event approaches.